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Japan Trip (2017) Day #5 – One Day Around Mount Fuji

Japan Trip (2017) Day #5 – One Day Around Mount Fuji

Morning from Fujikawaguchiko! As we checked in to our hotel last night, we just can’t help but feel a totally different atmosphere from Tokyo. Right after we got off from our train, we’re greeted by the cold-freezing air of Mount Fuji! Well, no wonder since when we looked out of the window this morning, the snow’s piling up already!

Morning view from our hotel!

In today’s agenda, we will be exploring a local theme park called Fuji-Q Highland, and also visiting Lake Kawaguchiko. Okay now first, let’s have some breakfast! Since it’s only 9am, not many shops open yet. So we decided to go to nearby Lawson for some sushis.

Don’t you love that they put the calories amount on the packaging?

We’re all full now, so it’s time to explore Fuji-Q Highland! It’s considered Japan’s most famous local theme park for its thrilling roller coaster rides, and on the plus side, it’s located near the base of Mount Fuji! We’re so lucky that by the time we visited the park, it’s a clear blue sky which makes the scenery beautiful at its best.

There are two types of tickets you can choose, and since we didn’t have much time, we decided to not buy the 1 day pass ticket, so aside from the admission ticket, we had to buy each attraction ticket we want to ride.

Wanting to get a better view on the park, we went straight to the Shining Flower ferris wheel, and look at the colors! It’s really beautiful. As we rode on the gondola, we saw the park layout and notice that they got an outdoor skating! It’s been my dream to play one, but sadly we didn’t have the time for it.

Of all the rides we played, the most recommended one is Eejanaika, a roller coaster ride which is famous for its highest total number of spins in the world. Also, our feet were dangling so there’s no place to step on, and we had to take off our shoes and socks. Also as an added bonus, it’s winter! Despite our numb, frozen toe; this ride was totally worth it! No wonder the queueing line was quite long.

Oh my, how can you not love this park? It may not be as fancy as Tokyo Disney Resort, but I have to admit that this one have its own charm. Would be back here for sure!

Off we go to Fuji Resort Town!

After having some fun at Fuji-Q Highland, we took off to Lake Kawaguchiko before lunch. Lake Kawaguchiko actually is one of Fuji Five Lakes that were the most accessible due to its direct train and buses available from Tokyo. It includes various tourist attractions such as Music Forest, Museum of Art, etc. Here are the complete map of Fuji Five Lakes.


Quick Tip
Fuji Five Lakes is pretty huge, so we suggest you to get a recommendation from Tourist Information Center just beside Kawaguchiko Station. The kind lady will suggest you interesting places to visit and which bus to take. You can also ask for the map here!

In love with Kawaguchiko Station’s traditional-style building

Since we’re visiting Lake Kawaguchiko, we had to take the Omni Red Bus to start the sightseeing tour. Check out this site to see the complete schedule and bus line around Fuji Five Lakes.

It’s lunch time already, so we decided to have some Hoto at Momiji-Tei. Hoto is actually a popular local dish from Yamanashi, it is served in a one-pot and consists of thick, flat wheat noodles and lots of veggies simmered in tasty miso broth. What probably makes Hoto from Momiji-Tei better than the others is because of their homemade 2-years-old miso broth.

The first thing that came up to my mind when they were serving the dish was, how on earth was it supposed to be for one person? The iron pot itself was quite big, and I’m doubting myself to finish it alone. But hey, actually I did! The noodle was soft and nice, and the soup was really, really tasty. Totally a perfect meal for this cold, freezing day! Such a beautiful, hearty dish they served here, and I totally recommended it.

Quick Tip
– If you’re confused as how to get here, take the Red Line Bus and get off at Itchiku Kubota Art Museum stop, it’s a 3 minutes walk from there.
– Momiji-Tei is actually located next to Momiji Tunnel which is a famous spot for autumn leaves sightseeing. So if you’re planning to visit here during autumn season, be sure to check it out!

After warming up our tummy, we stepped out the restaurant and this magnificent view was the first thing we saw.

Beautiful Mount Fuji

The best way to spend the afternoon was of course strolling along Lake Kawaguchiko’s pathway. It’s sunny, and breezy at the same time, perfect timing for us to unwind and relax a bit, while enjoying the picturesque sight of Mount Fuji.

Pathway along Mount Fuji

Since the sun was starting to set, we finally made our way back to the train station. But first, we made a stop to a certain gift shop. So many kinds of food, snacks, clothes, and souvenirs here; and of course, most of them comes in the shape of Mount Fuji!

When we got back to the station, it’s already dark and the station definitely could not be any more beautiful with all those lights!

This station got me speechless by its beauty

We decided to go back to Fuji-Q Station using another mode of transportation, which is bus! But apparently it takes quite a while, so we spent our time looking at this lovely Mount Fuji for one last time.


So that’s the end of our Fujikawaguchiko trip, been looking forward to visit this lovely place again!

Day #5. Expense

  • Lawson’s Sushi = ¥298
  • Ticket to Fuji-Q Highland (2 x ¥1500) = ¥3000
  • Fuji-Q’s Shining Flower (2 x ¥500) = ¥1000
  • Fuji-Q’s Cool Jappaan (2 x ¥800) = ¥1600
  • Fuji-Q’s Eejanaika (2 x ¥1000) = ¥2000
  • Georgia Hot Choco ¥130
  • Bus to Lake Kawaguchiko (2 x ¥380) = ¥760
  • Lunch Momiji-Tei
    • Beef Hoto ¥1405
    • Mushroom Hoto ¥1405
    • Hot Oolong Tea (2 x ¥325) = ¥650
  • Lawson’s Dinner =  ¥516

Total Day #5 Expense : ¥12764
*Please note that the amount above exclude hotel, shopping and souvenirs expense

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