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Japan Trip – Day #3

Japan Trip – Day #3

Another day at the happiest place on earth! This time, we will be exploring Tokyo Disneysea, the one and only nautical-themed Disney park in the world. Gosh, this place is simply breathtaking, I don’t even know where to start! But I should try though, shouldn’t I?

Since yesterday we also explored Tokyo Disneyland, we woke up late today! We managed to enter the park at 11 am, so we only have time to queue for one ride before lunch time. But to our surprise, apparently there are some Disney characters greeting us at the front gate!

Us and Goofy!
Hey, Dale! Where’s Chip?
finally get ahold of this energetic Donald!
with pretty Daisy!

After a brief encounter with Daisy and others, as we walked past DisneySea Plaza, we can’t helped but got our jaw dropped. Are we really on Tokyo??? The surroundings especially the scenery makes us feel like we’re on whole other place. One word: Magical!

DSCF3569 copy
Mysterious Island’s Mount Prometheus

After admiring the situation, we’re going straight to American Waterfront area, particularly to Toyville Trolley Park, home of the Toy Story Mania! attraction.

Oh. my. god! Why did everything have to be so cuteee? All the knicks and knacks inside was built bigger than a normal person, so it’s kinda feel like we are one of Andy’s toys! And that main building though, the tosca and white color makes a perfect pair. It’s just perfect for me. Also for the attraction itself is pretty interesting, we hopped on a moving vehicle while wearing a 3D glasses on a trackless ride (much like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt on Tokyo Disneyland), then we get to roll under Andy’s bed and play some carnival games!

After having fun with Buzz Lightyear and the gang, we decided to have one more attraction before lunchtime, and our choice went to none other than… Tower of Terror! Okay, maybe it’s a bad timing because the queue line is crazy! And despite the exciting ride, the waiting time still not that worth it.

Since it’s way past noon, we’re going to have a lunch at Cape Cod Cook-Off, a restaurant with a view overlooking the S.S. Columbia Ship and the lighthouse. I could stare at them all day!

After we finished stuffing ourselves up, we continued our trip to Lost River Delta area. Look what we’ve found on our way there!

DSCF3609 copy
Dory caught in a coffee pot!

This area mostly decorated in ancient ruins, archeological vibe into it. I bet that in the evening will be more dramatic with all those torches. Sadly, one of its main attraction the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull temporarily closed for renovation.

DSCF3610 copy
Magnificent temple!

So we head to the other ride, which is the Raging Spirits. A high-speed rollercoaster ride that gets you through an excavated ruins. So fun! But still, the queue line though, it’s reaaally long!

Off we go to Arabian Coast and its Arabian nights atmosphere makes me feel like on a whole new world! The obvious one that catch my eyes is this particular ride, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets. Eventhought I didn’t get the chance to play it, I fell in love with the pretty colors and everything of it!

DSCF3623 copy
So in love with this pretty ride!

Now we are going to ride to, maybe, one of the most interesting ride of the park. It’s Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage! It may look like your typical dollhouse ride, but it’s actually much more of it. The gorgeous sets, detailed motion of each characters, storyline, and not to mention the beautiful song! Too bad that most of the photos we took came out blurry since we ride on a boat. So we decided to just enjoy it!

DSCF3649 copy
Sinbad and the King
DSCF3658 copy
Sinbad’s Welcome Home Party

After getting our mind blown, apparently came to our surprise as we stepped out the attraction, there were Aladdin’s gang waiting for us!

Wow, this area really spoiled us! I’m so happy that we got the timing right here. Oh wait, don’t forget the gorgeous corner here too!

DSCF3669 copy
One fine evening at Arabian Coast.

As the sun slowly started to set down, we continued walking down to Mermaid Lagoon and we got completely mesmerized by it. Totally speechless! Now I wonder why Ariel wanted to leave her beautiful home, when it’s completely miraculous? We didn’t play any ride here since we just want to enjoy and savour the moment. Gosh, this is great!

We finally walk down the path to the main ride of the day, and it’s none other than Mysterious Island‘s Journey to the Center of the Earth! Despite of it’s long queue, it didn’t feel that time-consuming since we constantly move along to the front. And for the ride itself, I must say that it took our breath away. Like, literally. It’s a combination of a quite and calm ride at first, joyfully looking at the magical creatures around, but when the volcano suddenly erupts, the ride went faster and the monsters trying to catch you! There’s this beautiful moment when the ride reach the mountaintop (there’s a hole where you can see the whole park), and we’re so surprised that it’s completely dark outside and the lightings made the entire park sparkle! I was so shocked and happy at the same time, I even continuously wowed from that point up until the end of the ride. That second there, truly made our day!

DSCF3686 copy
The underground research lab

It’s dark already when we finished playing, and I thought the park could not be prettier than daytime. Then again, I guess I was wrong!

As we tried to reach the front gate, apparently hundreds of visitors already marked their spot for a night show down on Mediterranean Harbor called Fantasmic!.

DSCF3719 copy
Fantasmic! show

The show tells a journey of Mickey battling against a gigantic black dragon aka Maleficent in her other form. Other characters such as Cinderella and Aladdin appears on the show as well. In the end, most of Disney characters did a round of parade on a boat. A spectacular show you wouldn’t want to miss!

Guess that’s the end of our visit to Tokyo Disneysea.. Hope we get the chance to come there again, soon!

DSCF3733 copy
Captain Mickey’s beautiful ship!

Later that night, we are planning to meet my husband’s friend whom currently working in Japan. And so we met him on a local bbq restaurant near Tokyo Station. So kind of him to treat us. Arigatou!

And that marks our last dinner at Tokyo, since we had to go to Fujikawaguchiko tomorrow’s afternoon. What a way to end the night, huh? Overall, this day was our best day in Japan. Who knows what other interesting adventure might take us tomorrow? Guess we just have to enjoy it!

Day #3. Expense

  • Disneysea’s Tickets (2 x ¥7400) = ¥14800
  • Disneysea’s Mr. Potato Popcorn bucket ¥2100
  • Disneysea’s Alien Ice Cream Mochi ¥360
  • Disneysea’s Cape Cod Cook Off Lunch ¥1510
  • Disneysea’s Minnie Popsicle ¥310
  • Kitchen Origin snack ¥428
  • Top Up Suica (2 x ¥2000) = ¥4000

Total Day #3 Expense : ¥ 23508
*Please note that the amount above exclude shopping and souvenirs expense

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